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Hand Painted Biker Jacket “THE TOWER” (Large)


The Tarot Collection

Leather Biker Jacket With Tabs At The Shoulders, Three Zipped Pockets, And Zipped Openings At Wrists

Hand Painted Tarot Design At The Back



“THE TOWER” shows a tall tower perched on the top of a rocky mountain. Lightning strikes set the building alight, and people leap from the windows, head first and arms outstretched. It is a scene of chaos and destruction.  The Tower itself is a solid structure, but because it has been built on shaky foundations, it only takes one bolt of lightning to bring it down. It represents ambitions and goals made on false promises.  The lightning represents a sudden surge of energy and insight that leads to a break-through or revelation. It enters via the top of the building and knocks off the crown, symbolizing energy flowing down from the Universe, through the crown chakra.  The people are desperate to escape from the burning building, not knowing what awaits them as they fall.  Around them the 10 points of the Tree of Life, suggesting that even in times of disaster, there is always divine intervention.

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