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These Terms and Conditions consist of the following sections contained in this document:

1.- Introduction (Brand)

a). – Of the Object
b) – Age of the User
c) – Registration and Subscription to the Services “UNBROKEN KICKS 222”
d). – Electronic Services

2.- Access and Navigation of Use of the Website
3.- Duration and Completion
4.- Presented Material
5.- Warranty Exclusion Unbroken Kincks 222
6.- Limitation of Liability Unbroken Kicks 222
7.- Compensation
8.- Privacy Policy and Data Protection
9.- Links Policy
10.-Policy on Intellectual and Industrial Property
11.- Legislation and Applicable Jurisdiction

As well as those Terms and Conditions that deal with specific issues related to any policy or document that can be accessed through links provided in this instrument.

The use of the Website “” and the Services implies full acceptance of these Terms of Use and of all the guidelines and standards, including, but not limited to, the Privacy Policy cited in the Clause 8 (following), as well as the recognition of its corresponding mandatory nature. By registering to use the Website and the Services you will be asked to agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. You may only use the Website and the Services if you agree to be bound by all applicable laws and by the terms of these Conditions of Use, and indicates its acceptance during the registration or subscription process. If you, (the “User”) do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and comply with all applicable laws, you must not continue with the registration or use of the Services.

UNBROKEN KICKS 222 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify these Terms of Use at any time. We will include the revised Terms of Use on this Website and update the date of the “Last Update” to reflect the date of the changes. Please, check these Terms of Use periodically. The use of the Website and the Services following such modifications constitutes your full acceptance of the revised Terms of Use. If you do not agree with the revised Terms of Use, please stop using the Website and the Services.


This contract describes the general terms and conditions (hereinafter only “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”) applicable to the use of the contents, products and services offered through the site (hereinafter, “WEBSITE”), of which Federico Ramírez Orozco (hereinafter, “TITULAR”) is the owner of the registered address in the city of León, Guanajuato, at the following address:


Any person wishing to access or make use of the site or the services offered therein, may do so subject to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, as well as policies and principles incorporated into this document. In any case, any person who does not accept these terms and conditions, should refrain from using the WEBSITE and / or acquire the products and services that may be offered.

Given the nature of the activity developed by the OWNER, it is made known that it is registered with THE “SECRETARIAT OF FINANCE AND PUBLIC CREDIT” and has the authorization number RAOF770411278, through which it is allowed to carry carried out the following activities: MANUFACTURE AND SALE OF FOOTWEAR WITH LEATHER UPPER.


The purpose of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS is to regulate the access and use of the WEBSITE, understood as any type of content, product or service that is available to the general public within the domain:

The OWNER reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice, the presentation, content, functionality, products, services, and configuration that may be contained in the WEBSITE; in this sense, the USER acknowledges and accepts that Federico Ramírez Orozco may at any time interrupt, deactivate or cancel any of the elements that make up the WEBSITE or access to them.

The access to the WEBSITE by the USER is free and, as a general rule, is free without the USER having to provide a consideration to be able to enjoy it, except in relation to the cost of the internet connection provided by the provider. this type of services that the same USER has hired.

Access to part of the contents and services of the WEBSITE may be made prior subscription or prior registration of the USER

b) – USER’S AGE. –

The WEBSITE is exclusively aimed at people who have reached the age of majority (over 18 years of age); in this sense, Federico Ramírez Orozco declines any responsibility for the breach of this requirement.

It is the knowledge of the USER that the OWNER may administer or manage the WEBSITE directly or through a third party, which does not modify in any way the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

In general, the Services are not aimed at persons under eighteen (18) years of age (or the corresponding age of majority in the country of the person in question). If you are a minor, please do not register or subscribe to the Services. If it becomes known to us that you are under the age of eighteen (18) or do not reach the age of majority in your country (or introduce a false age during the registration process, if applicable), we will promptly cancel your registration or subscription , if it has been done, and we will cease to provide the Services.


The access or use of the WEBSITE, As well as the resources enabled to interact between the USERS, or between the USER and the OWNER such as means to make publications or comments, confers the condition of USER of the WEBSITE , so it will be subject to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, as well as their subsequent modifications, without prejudice to the application of the applicable legislation, therefore, they will be considered accepted from the moment in which the WEBSITE is accessed. Given the relevance of the foregoing, it is recommended that the USER review the updates made to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

It is the responsibility of the USER to use the WEBSITE according to the form in which it was designed; in this sense, the use of any type of software that automates the interaction or download of the contents or services provided through the WEBSITE is prohibited.

In addition, the USER agrees to use the information, content or services offered through the WEBSITE in a lawful manner, without contravening the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, morality or public order, and shall refrain from performing any act that may imply an affectation to the rights of third parties, or in any way prejudice the operation of the WEBSITE.

Likewise, the user undertakes to provide legal and truthful information in the forms provided on the WEBSITE, in which the user must provide certain information or information for access to any content, product or service offered by the WEBSITE itself . In any case, the USER will immediately notify the HOLDER of any fact that allows to suppose the improper use of the information registered in such forms, such as, theft, loss, or unauthorized access to accounts and / or passwords, with the order to proceed to its immediate cancellation.

Federico Ramírez Orozco reserves the right to withdraw all comments and contributions that violate the law, respect for the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory, violate the rights of third parties or public order, or, that in his opinion they are not suitable for publication.
In any case, Federico Ramírez Orozco will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by the USERS through comments or publications made by them.

The only access to the WEBSITE ( does not imply the establishment of any kind of relationship between the OWNER and the USER.

Being a WEBSITE addressed exclusively to people who are of legal age, the USER declares to be of legal age and have the necessary legal capacity to abide by these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


Certain parts of the Services may need to be provided through electronic communication channels (eg, email, SMS, telephone).

You agree that we may contact you for issues related to the Services through SMS, email or other electronic technological means, and recognizes that, in some jurisdictions, the use of mobile services may involve charges to your network provider, as well as that you are responsible for those charges.


The OWNER does not guarantee in any way the continuity and availability of the contents, products or services offered through the WEBSITE, however, the OWNER will carry out the actions that according to its possibilities allow it to maintain the proper functioning of the SITE WEB , without this implying any responsibility on the part of Federico Ramírez Orozco.
Likewise, Federico Ramírez Orozco will not be responsible or guarantee that the content or software that can be accessed through the WEBSITE, is free of errors, malicious software, or that may cause any damage to software or hardware in the team through which the USER accesses the WEBSITE.
The HOLDER is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by improper use of the WEBSITE. Under no circumstances will Federico Ramírez Orozco be liable for losses, damages or losses of any kind arising from the access or use of the WEBSITE.


Your registration in, or subscription to, one or several Services will be effective with the successful conclusion of the registration or subscription process.
These Terms of Use, and any revision of them included in the Website, will remain in force and with full effect during the entire period of use by you of the Website or the Services.

You may end your registration in the, or subscription to, the Website at any time in its sole discretion and without just cause, by sending an email ______________________. We will confirm the cancellation of your registration or subscription.

Unbroken Kicks 222 may immediately terminate your registration or subscription, or suspend it, at any time and in its sole discretion, in the event of any substantial breach by you of these Terms of Use, without prejudice to any other actions or remedies to those that may be entitled according to the applicable laws. Unbroken Kicks 222 will notify you of the termination or suspension, as applicable, by email or regular mail, and the details of your registration or subscription will be deactivated.


You acknowledge and agree that any proposal, project, idea, concept, photograph, contribution or any other content and material (with the exception of personal information) disclosed or submitted to Unbroken Kicks 222 through this Website or by other means (the “Provided Material”) is not considered confidential. By delivering the Provided Material, you grant Unbroken Kicks 222 a royalty free, non-exclusive and worldwide, to copy, reproduce, publish, disclose, distribute or otherwise use, in whole or in part, the Material Provided , during the entire period of protection thereof, for the purposes of advertising, promotion or product development.
Unbroken Kicks 222 is not obligated, nor will it be bound in the future, to:

(a.-) Keep any Material Provided confidential;
(b) Pay no compensation for any use of the Material Provided or in relation thereto;
(c.-) Respond to the delivery of Material Provided or to confirm the corresponding reception.

You represent and warrant that the Material Provided does not infringe any right of any third party under any law or contract, including, but not limited to, copyrights, and those relating to trademarks, patents, trade secrets, confidentiality and any other property or personal rights.

By delivering the Provided Material, you acknowledge the right, but not the obligation, of Unbroken Kicks 222 to copy, reproduce, publish, disclose, distribute or otherwise use such Provisioned Material, or any part thereof, for any purpose, including, without limitation, for purposes of advertising, promotion, product development or other commercial objectives, without in any case granting you or any third party any right to compensation. You are, and will be, fully responsible for the content of any Material Provided.

Unbroken Kicks 222 retains the right to refuse or remove any Material Provided, for any reason or without justification, including Material Provided that, in our judgment, violates these Terms of Use or that may be offensive, illegal or infringes the rights of any person physical or legal, or damage or threaten the security of any natural or legal person.


To the maximum extent legally permitted, this website, its content and its services, are provided free of charge “in the state in which they are” and “as they are available”. Unbroken Kicks 222 does not grant any guarantee in relation to this website, its content or services, including, but not limited to, its availability at all times, without interruptions or errors in its operation, or the absence of malicious programs ( such as viruses, computer errors, harmful software or similar problems), nor its suitability for any purpose, and expressly rejects said guarantees.

Unbroken Kicks 222 It works to ensure that the information made available through the website is accurate and up-to-date. However, Unbroken Kicks 222 can not guarantee the accuracy of this information or that it is free from errors or omissions, and Unbroken Kicks 222 does not grant any warranty, nor will it have any responsibility, in relation to it. Unbroken Kicks 222 reserves the right to update and / or correct the content of the website at any time, without notice and without any liability or obligation.


Some countries do not allow any or all of the following limitations or exclusions of liability, so, if required by applicable law, the content of this clause may not apply to you.

Since the services are provided free of charge, you will be responsible for evaluating the information and content obtained through the website. By using the website, you assume all risks relating to the corresponding use and full responsibility for any failure to use, loss of data and costs associated with all necessary service and maintenance of the hardware and / or software used in connection with the website.

To the fullest extent legally permitted, you also agree not to hold ourselves or our licensors, service providers, agents, directors or directors liable for any possible damage, including, but not limited to, not limited to , direct or indirect damages of any kind, losses or expenses derived, or resulting, from the use of this website, the services and its content, or related to it, or from any linked site or use thereof, or from inability to use by any third party, or in connection with any malfunction, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or failure in the line or system, even if they have been communicated the possibility of the occurrence of the aforementioned damages, losses or expenses.

It is understood that nothing contained in these conditions of use will exclude or limit (i) our liability in case of death or personal injury resulting from an intentional act on our part; I; (ii) our liability in case of fraud, fraudulent statements or gross negligence; and / or (iii) any other liability that can not be excluded or limited by applicable law.


If applicable law allows, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless, as well as the corresponding officers, agents, partners and employees, against any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, from any third party due to the , or derived from, your use of the Website and the Services in breach of these Terms of Use and / or derived from an infringement of these Terms of Use and / or any breach of its representations and warranties established herein and / or if any Material Provided that has been transmitted through the Services gives us any responsibility towards third parties.


In accordance with the provisions of Mexican law, the OWNER undertakes to adopt the necessary measures that are within their reach to ensure the privacy of the personal data collected in a way that guarantees their safety, avoiding their alteration, loss or non-treatment. authorized.

In addition, in order to comply with the provisions of Mexican law, all personal data collected through the WEBSITE, will be treated in accordance with the principles of lawfulness, quality, purpose, loyalty, and responsibility. All processing of personal data will be subject to the consent of the owner. In any case, the use of financial or patrimonial data, will require the express authorization of the holders, however, this may be done through the WEBSITE itself using the mechanisms enabled for this purpose, and in any case the greatest diligence will be given. Beware of this type of data. The same will happen in the case of sensitive personal data, considering by those those that due to an improper use may give rise to discrimination or its disclosure entails a risk for the owner.

At all times, the personal data contained in the databases or files that are used, if appropriate, will be pertinent, correct and updated for the purposes for which they were collected.

The processing of personal data will be limited to compliance with the purposes set out in the Privacy Notice which will be available at the following electronic address:

The WEBSITE may include hyperlinks or links that allow access to web pages of third parties other than Federico Ramírez Orozco. The owners of these websites will have their own privacy and data protection policies, which is why Federico Ramírez Orozco does not assume any responsibility for the data provided by the USER through any website other than www.unbrokenkicks. .com.

Federico Ramírez Orozco reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy, according to their needs or derived from any change in legislation. The access or use of the WEBSITE after these changes, will imply the acceptance of these changes.

On the other hand, access to the WEBSITE may involve the use of cookies, which are small amounts of information stored in the browser used by the USER. Cookies facilitate navigation, make it more friendly, and do not damage the navigation device, for this, they can collect information to access the WEBSITE, store the USER’s preferences, as well as the interaction that this has with the WEBSITE, such as for example: the date and time in which the WEBSITE is accessed, the time that it has been used, the sites visited before and after it, the number of pages visited, the IP address of which the user accesses , the frequency of visits, etc.

This type of information will be used to improve the WEBSITE, detect errors, and possible needs that the USER may have, in order to offer USERS services and content of better quality. In any case, the information that is collected will be anonymous and will not identify individual users.

In case the USER does not want this type of information to be collected, he must disable, reject, restrict and / or eliminate the use of cookies in his internet browser. The procedures for performing these actions may differ from one browser to another; consequently, it is suggested to review the instructions provided by the browser developer. In the event that you reject the use of cookies (totally or partially) the USER may continue to use the WEBSITE, although some of its functions may be disabled.

It is possible that in the future these policies regarding cookies change or update, so it is advisable to check the updates made to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, in order to be adequately informed about how and why we use cookies that are generate when entering or making use of the WEBSITE.


The WEBSITE may contain links, contents, services or functions, of other internet sites belonging to and / or managed by third parties, such as images, videos, comments, search engines, etc.

The use of these links, contents, services or functions, is intended to improve the USER’s experience when using the WEBSITE, without it being considered a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to make use of external sites. Federico Ramírez Orozco under no circumstances will review or control the content of external sites, likewise, does not own the products, services, content, and any other material existing in the linked sites; therefore, the availability, accuracy, veracity, validity or legality of the external sites that can be accessed through the WEBSITE will not be guaranteed either. Likewise, the OWNER assumes no responsibility for any damages that may be caused by access or use of the content, products or services available on websites not managed by Federico Ramírez Orozco that can be accessed through the SITE WEB.

The USERS or third parties who make or publish a web link from an external web page, to this WEBSITE must take into account the following:

The reproduction (total or partial) of the contents, products or services available on the WEBSITE is not allowed without the express authorization of Federico Ramírez Orozco or its owner. Nor shall false, inaccurate or incorrect statements be made about the WEBSITE or its contents, products or services, and Federico Ramírez Orozco may restrict access to the WEBSITE to any person who incurs this type of acts.

The establishment of a link to the WEBSITE from any external site, does not imply the existence of any relationship between Federico Ramírez Orozco and the owner of the website from which it is made, nor does it imply the knowledge of Federico Ramírez Orozco of the contents, products or services offered on external sites from which the WEBSITE can be accessed.


Federico Ramírez Orozco by himself or as a transferee, is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of the WEBSITE, understood as the source code that makes its operation possible, as well as the images, audio or video files, logos, brands, color combinations, structures, designs and other elements that distinguish it. They will, therefore, be protected by Mexican legislation on intellectual and industrial property, as well as by applicable international treaties. Therefore, the reproduction, distribution, or diffusion of the contents of the WEBSITE, for commercial purposes, in any medium and without any authorization by Federico Ramírez Orozco is expressly prohibited.

The USER undertakes to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights of the OWNER. However, in addition to being able to visualize the elements of the WEB SITE, you can print, copy or store them, as long as it is exclusively for your strictly personal use.

On the other hand, the USER, will refrain from deleting, altering, or manipulating any element, file, or content, of the WEBSITE, and for no reason will perform acts tending to violate security, files or databases that are protected , either through a restricted access through a user and password, or because you do not have the permissions to view, edit or manipulate them.

In the event that the USER or any third party considers that any of the contents of the WEBSITE constitutes a violation of the rights of protection of industrial or intellectual property, it must immediately notify Federico Ramírez Orozco through the contact information available in the own WEBSITE and / or through the following means:

Phone: +521 (477) 2407131



Federico Ramírez Orozco reserves the right to present civil or criminal actions deemed necessary for the improper use of the WEBSITE, its contents, products or services, or for the breach of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

The relationship between the USER and Federico Ramírez Orozco will be governed by the legislation in force in Mexico, specifically in Guanajuato. If any dispute arises in relation to the interpretation and / or application of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the parties will submit to the ordinary jurisdiction of the courts that correspond according to law in the state to which reference is made. Except when otherwise established under the protection of the local legislation of mandatory compliance with the place of residence.